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KEIOS ENTERTAINMENT was founded in 2012 by then 16-year old artist/actor/producer YOHIO

YOHIO was brought up in the music industry - his father Tommy Rehn being a prominent musician, producer, musical song writer as well as the former VP of one of Sweden's biggest independent record labels at the time.

Apart from being active as a successful artist himself, YOHIO got interested in the business side of music at an early age, influenced by the surroundings of spending most of his time with his father in the office and studio of the record label he was signed to at the time.

Thus he decided to form his own label and management, giving birth to KEIOS ENTERTAINMENT at the ripe age of 16.

KEIOS started as the first label in Sweden focusing solely on the genre of Visual Kei.

Now, 8 years later, KEIOS has expanded its horizons to incorporate all genres, while still keeping the focus on alternative music as its expertise. 

With its devoted cult following, KEIOS has successfully achieved something rarely accomplished in today's music industry - becoming a brand that the fans of the artists actually care about as a company.

We at KEIOS feel honored and privileged to be able to deliver quality entertainment at a constantly growing pace and volume.


CEO & Founder


"Building KEIOS for the last 12 years into what it is today has been one of the most difficult but rewarding challenges I've ever experienced. However, I feel like this is just the beginning. 
To many more years to come."


Head of A&R 
art directOR


"It’s always a pleasure creating art that means something. Working with KEIOS since the beginning and seeing the company evolve has been amazing. 

I’m excited for all of our future endeavours and the continuing expansion into new areas and territories."

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