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DISREIGN Makes Comeback With 2 New Singles

DISREIGN returns with two fresh new singles in April.

6th Single "THE SILENT ONE" is a smashing metal song, probably their most brutal to date, which also incorporates their iconic symphonic elements and haunting melodies.

6th Single

THE SILENT ONE」 2020.04.08 (wed.)

7th Single 「夢幻の雨」(MUGEN NO AME) - which loosely translates as "Rain of Dreams and Illusions" - is the band's first real ballad song. This is sure to be a landmark in DISREIGN's career, as they continue to show the immense diversity of their sound.

7th Single

夢幻の雨」 2020.04.29 (wed.)

Both releases will be available on most of the world's streaming platforms.


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