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YOHIO Joins KAMIJO Europe Tour

Big news!

YOHIO is announced as going on tour with Japanese legendary Visual Kei singer KAMIJO, as supporting guitarist for the singer's symphonic metal solo project.

KAMIJO, lead singer and composer of legendary visual kei band Versailles, has an astonishing career spanning almost 25 years. This time, he is taking his solo project to Europe, bringing YOHIO with him as one of the supporting live guitarists.

"I feel very honored to be asked to join in on this tour. KAMIJO has been a big influence on me musically and aesthetically since childhood, especially through his work with Versailles, which was one of my favorite bands growing up." - YOHIO

YOHIO (left) & KAMIJO (right) At an event in Tokyo, Japan (2016)

For fans of KAMIJO or YOHIO - or both - you can catch them on stage together in Europe in June. If you live in any of the following cities, this is something you don't want to miss!


June 8th : Paris, France @ Badaboum

June 9th : Budapest, Hungary @ Analog Music Hall

June 11th : Helsinki, Finland @ On the Rocks

June 12th : Berlin, Germany @ Hole 44

June 14th : Cologne, Germany @ Luxor

June 15th : Amsterdam, Netherlands @ P60

June 16th : London, UK @ The Garage


Guitar : HIRO (La'cryma Christi)

Guitar : YOHIO

Bass : IKUO (BULL ZEICHEN 88, Rayflower)


"It's definitely a dream come true playing guitar alongside KAMIJO. If my 13-year old self knew about this, he would not believe it. I'm grateful for this opportunity and I'm looking forward to seeing all these European countries I haven't been in before. This is also the first time for me playing guitar on stage in 10 years. Difficult songs as well. I'm thankful that KAMIJO trusts my ability to show his music justice. And I will certainly do my very best to make that reality." - YOHIO

For further information about the tour, tickets, etc, please visit KAMIJO's

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Aurora Mizukuna
Aurora Mizukuna
08 mag

I will be in Paris. Din Snövit min prins

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