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YOHIO Releases Japanese Single

YOHIO kicks off the second quarter of 2024 with a fresh Japanese single.

Continuing where the solo artist left off with the Japanese singles

初恋のWHITE ROSE♡」and 「naïve」back in 2023, YOHIO is now back with an intricate blend of symphonic elements and powerful vocals - all in Japanese.

"This song has meant a lot to me for a long time already. I made it about ten years ago. A lot of emotions are entangled in this one. It was during a particularly difficult time that I closed myself off in the studio, and out of that session this song was born." - YOHIO

YOHIO's highly anticipated 7th Japanese single「記憶の迷路 -Maze of Memories-」is scheduled for world-wide release May 1 2024.

"I've only played this song live once, back in 2015 at a gig in Stockholm, Sweden. It was one of the last songs of a very long set, I had a fever and didn't feel well emotionally, so I basically cried through the whole performance. I hope to make the song justice in future shows. I guess it just has a big impact on me, so it's quite difficult for me to sing live. Maybe that's why I've waited such a long time to release it, and haven't included it in any shows since. I hope that this song will resonate with anyone listening, even if the lyrics are in Japanese. Music is more about conveying feeling and atmosphere, rather than the exact meaning of the lyrics. At least that's always been true for me." - YOHIO

Start May off with a bang while listening to YOHIO's new song!


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